How to use Tipple and some notes

Heya it’s English version of Tipple’s manual written by @Creeperker. so get straight to the point.

What is the Tipple?

Tipple service provides the way that can be used for remittance of XRP like tipdoge on the Twitter for free, except withdrawal fees which costed Ripple specific it. You don’t need any registrations or authorizations for using Tipple, the way to use Tipple is tweet the command written below.


In mind, this service is pre-alpha, so you have big chance to have goxed your XRP if something trouble happen like hacking or so on. If this happen Admins will NOT give back your stuffs. We recognize all of Tipple users accepts this.

How to use Tipple

Basically, first to type @tipxrp and second to specify the functions what you want to use.

It’s a twitter specification that you can’t tweet same sentence. Delete former tweet or change part of the command to use same it again.

Example: @tipxrp BALANCE, @TIPXRP balance

Twitter Notification often has bugged. If you couldn’t get any messages from @tipxrp, check @tipxrp’s Tweet and reply.

-Deposit your XRP-

Tweet “@tipxrp deposit” to get deposit address and destination tag. Note: Don’t forget to type destination tag when you are trying to deposit!

-Check your balance-
Tweet “@tipxrp balance” to check your balance.

-Tip your XRP-
Tweet “@tipxrp tip @○○○○○ amount” to tip your XRP to @○○○○○.


-Withdraw your XRP-

Tweet “@tipxrp withdraw amount address” to withdraw your XRP to your wallet


If you find bugs or want to ask something, feel free to DM or reply me くりぱか(仮想通貨/Rippleブログ) (@Creeperker) | Twitter on Twitter.

Have Ripple life with Tipple!